A modular system for street furniture

SkyLit® was inspired by nature: the sky designed by a photovoltaic module having the form of a celestial vault, a cloud crossing it is the circular system of rotation and the light source is the Sun.

Sky-Lit® offers different systems suitable for street solutions and for strictly pedestrian, vehicle-free zones. It is an innovative system of photovoltaic powered lighting; the technology applied in the system and its design make it the most advanced and modern photovoltaic street lamp.

Sustainability is currently acknowledged as one of the most influential factors aiming at enhancement and execution of numerous projects. It includes not only the environmental dimension but also a social one as well as human aspects regarding urbanization of areas which need to be more and more equipped and aggregating, and pleasant to live in.

The lighting of external areas and open spaces constitutes 40% of energy expenses of a city. This percentage can be remarkably reduced thanks to the use of renewable lighting systems which must respect two main requirements: the environmental one and the social one.

Environmental requirements:

  • to avoid invasive light;
  • to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions;
  • to be economically convenient, simply operated and maintained;
  • to supply good quality white light.

Social requirements:

  • to increase security and the sense of protection;
  • to give visual coherence to the landscape;
  • to enrich the social dimension stimulating “evening economy”

The focus on sustainability led to the designing of the Sky-Lit® collection. Sky-Lit presents a homogeneous portfolio due to its unique design which gives a broad vision to the professionals and to nature lovers. Together with the light source present in the series Plana, its basic element, Sky-Lit® offers performance, efficiency and comfort to city spaces. Among its main features, there are three highly innovative elements which not only guarantee the highest technological standard but also give an aesthetically harmonious aspect to any place it is installed in, let it be in a city, out of a city or in the countryside.

The system of solar energy capturing
The system of solar energy capturing consists of a 360° rotable innovative and highly performing photovoltaic module made of monocrystalline cells Full Square with 20% efficiency. The photovoltaic module of monocrystalline silicon is one of the most characteristic elements of the design because it gives form to the heaven vault. It comes along with the DAY4 technology, which, due to the proprieties of high resilience polymers and its five layers of alluminium, is resistant to salt spray and impacts.
The “sky” panel, hinged on a movable support (rotor), is rotable and can be directed towards the south in order to obtain the maximum energy performance.
The lower part of the “sky” can be customized for advertisement, informative or artistic purposes. The rotor of the “SK-L” series for pedestrian lighting can house two LED lamp which light up graphics created in its lower part.

Light source
The light source is based on the LED technology. The LED sources are the most efficient ones in the market, they offer the highest energy performance, with efficiency above 100 lm/W, variable colour temperatures that go from 3000 to 5500K, chromatic index superior to 70 CRI and the estimated  life span > 50000.

Battery compartment
The system of containment (control) of the electrical accessories is an innovative circular container placed at 75 cm above the ground. The “ring” contains the battery but can be also used as a seat, flower box, rubbish bin or ashtray. The ring contains not only the electrical accessories, that is to say the battery and the charge controller, but its “L” series also houses LED lamps for pedestrian and security signals.

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