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Parking Area Solar

Area of the caravan park and parking of motor vehicles Filiano
The project named " Solar Parking Area ", organized by the Municipality of Filiano in 2010 and built by Selettra , involves the construction of a facility equipped for the temporary parking of campers night and / or motor home , able to intercept the territory the growing segment of tourism " plein air" .
The infrastructure , the first of it's kind in the province of Potenza , is located in a strategic position between the Vulture and the High Potentino and, therefore, able to support the tourist flow in a wide area of the region by creating an opportunity for development through the proposed local tourist offer comprehensive and quality .
The area on which insists the project is situated at the outskirts of the village hall, within the same perimeter that encompasses the sports of football. The structure , therefore , it is easily accessible for those along the highway Melfi - candle - power . The area affected by the work is approximately 5,000 square meters and is able to simultaneously accommodate up to 9 campers and offer parking for 80 cars.
The pitches for campers will be equipped with multi-functional special columns for the supply of electricity and drinking water, and equipped with facilities for the discharge of wastewater black and white .
Visitors can take advantage of a structure with changing rooms, showers and sanitation . The whole area is protected by a fence and has a system of CCTV cameras CCTV video surveillance with remote control unit (connection made with WI-FI system ) . At the entrance is planned the installation of a cloister dedicated to the services of tourist information for visitors.

The infrastructure is completely self-sufficient from an energy standpoint and uses systems and innovative technologies , capable of ensuring a high degree of energy efficiency.
Indeed, lay-bys at the service of the campers are covered by canopies attractive design made of reinforced concrete , steel and laminated wood, upon which a photovoltaic power plant equal to about 70 kWp , capable of producing energy not only for ' rest area , but also for other facilities of the municipality of Filiano ( system connected under the SSA - " Metering Elsewhere " , according to art . 27 , com. 4 , of Law No. 99 /2009). In addition , the PV system is protected by an alarm active optical fiber can protect against theft each PV module.
All lighting, access road , pedestrian routes adjacent , in the same parking area , were made with LED technology with high energy efficiency .
The structure used in locker rooms with showers and toilets , a service of motorhome is equipped with a solar thermal system for DHW production combined with a heat pump system for heating and cooling of the premises. best odds.

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