Photovoltaic Systems

Over a few years photovoltaic systems have strongly developed in Italy and all over the world, being it a reliable and economically convenient technology, an efficient solution for families and companies, which made it possible to reduce the electricity bill and produce clean energy.
Currently, even if there is no feed-in tariff, the installation of a photovoltaic system is still a great, economically convenient opportunity to reduce the electricity bill due to a remarkable reduction in the module price, performance improvement and the possibility to deduct 50% of investment expenses,
Having executed more than 100 installations, today our company is more and more determined to propagate this technology. The execution of numerous installations let us gain a lot of experience and create a team of highly qualified designers and installers who can carry out customized solutions for our clients.  
We design and carry out a wide range of solutions: partly integrated and integrated installations, installations on platform roofs and roofings, ground-based installations, sun-following installations, photovoltaic lamp posts, completely built-in innovative installations.

Advantages of photovoltaic systems

  • No polluting emissions
  • Use of a diffused and always available source
  • Mature, safe and reliable technology (more than 30 year life-span of the installations)
  • Maintenance costs reduced to minimum
  • Possibility of bank financing
  • Possibility to deduct 50% of expenses
  • Saving and greater economic security

Solutions and services
The technological solutions and services we offer make it possible for us to satisfy the needs of any kind of client: households, public entities, services and manufacturing SMEs, agricultural companies, large-scale photovoltaic power stations investors.
We offer all our clients a free of charge inspection, energy audit and a quotation for the system installation.

For households

  • Free of charge inspection, energy audit and quotation
  • Customized project according to the client’s consumption and habits
  • Authorization and in-grid connection procedures
  • Installation, final test and connection of the system to the grid
  • Work execution according to certificated quality standards
  • Maintenance and operation assistance
  • Guarantees for modules final disposal
  • Energy certificate of the dwelling

For companies

  • Free of charge inspection and quotation
  • Energy diagnosis
  • Assistance in financial management of the investment
  • Execution of “turn-key” systems
  • Work execution according to certificated quality standards
  • Maintenance and management assistance
  • Guarantees for modules final disposal
  • Energy certification

For large-scale photovoltaic systems investors
Competence and reliability in the execution (EPC) and maintenance (O&M) of the photovoltaic systems.

Selettra designs, builds and runs large-scale photovoltaic systems in Italy and abroad. We have experience, competence and workforce necessary to follow up all the stages that lead to the execution of an installation, from the project development to the in-grid connection and maintenance (O&M).

  • EPC contractor
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)

Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems (O&M)
In order to guarantee the expected economic return and obtain positive results, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the organisation of maintenance and operation activities.
For this reason Selettra, which has carried out maintenance and operation activities of photovoltaic systems for years, has created a special service structure with competences, instruments and organisation which make it possible to efficiently carry out the services and maximize the production.
The experience developed over the years has shown that photovoltaic systems with different technical and installing characteristics have operation and maintenance needs that can be different remarkably.
For this reason Selettra has created a flexible service structure which can adapt to each client's specific needs and always tries to improve its performance. According to our clients' needs and the characteristics of the systems, we can offer administrative assistance and multi-level maintenance programmes, from single interventions in case of specific problems in small house systems (post selling assistance), to “product warranty” contracts undersigned after the supply of medium and big commercial use systems, to complete O&M contracts with performance guarantee for ground-based photovoltaic parks.  

O&M Contractor Services

  • Initial energy diagnosis, a general and precise control of the photovoltaic system aimed at the detection of any technical problems and assessment, together with the client, of an intervention plan aimed at the improvement of performance and production.
  • 365 days a year monitoring carried out with modern systems of malfunction signalling and remote control of production which permit to quickly intervene in case of operation anomalies.
  • Scheduled corrective maintenance with monthly, quarterly or six-month inspections, according to the needs, aimed at problem prevention and reduction of malfunctions which can compromise the system performance over time.
  • Emergency and repair services carried out by a team of technicians available 365 days a year ready to intervene in case of production loss.
  • Warehouse for the management of spare parts carried out by means of the modern TPM technique.
  • Management reports for the client written in a clear, exact and detailed way according to the requested frequency, so that the client is constantly informed about the system condition and performance, and maintenance activities. best odds.

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