Energy efficiency

Integrated services for energy saving
Energy efficiency is the quickest, the cheapest and the cleanest way to reduce energy consumption and emission of gases responsible for the green-house effect and global warming.
Due to the technological innovations and energy policy applied at community and national level, there currently exist large margins to increase the efficiency in production and final use of energy.
Selettra, as an E.S.Co accredited company, promotes integrated services for energy saving in public entities and private companies through an established series of procedures and activities:

  • Energy diagnosis aimed at the identification of economically sustainable interventions and elimination of squanders and inefficiencies.
  • Production of a final project including a management plan and indication of a period of time for the investment return, expenses/benefits assessment.
  • Financial consultancy aimed at the identification, together with the client, of possible financing solution.
  • Activities for energy requalification:
    • installation of high performance thermal and CHP systems and/or renewable energy sources for the production of clean energy;
    • insulation of building shells (finishing systems, frames), removal of asbestos;
    • high efficiency lighting with LED lamps;
    • normative adjustment and application of safety measures to the systems.
  • Installation of “accessory systems” (remote detection, CCTV video surveillance, audio/video systems, LAN, WI-FI, etc.
  • Maximization of contracts for energy supply.
  • Operation and maintenance of the installations carried out by means of modern technologies guaranteeing efficient and cheap service.
  • Energy certification.
  • Selettra offers its clients, both public and private, 360° technological and financial knowledge, proposing innovative solutions and strategies to reduce energy costs. best odds.

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