Cemetery management

Cemeteries are history, memory and recollections of a community and special attention must be paid to places preservation, cleaning, maintenance of existing flora and, above all, to the needs of their visitors.
Having been engaged for a long time in the maintenance of lighting system at the cemetery in Avigliano, we have learned how to understand normative, moral and human aspects typical of this particular sphere.
In 2010, certain to be able to find margins for improvement of the services quality, we committed ourselves to enhance this sphere and to find, along with the municipalities, the best solutions for modern and efficient management of cemeteries, for communities’ sake.
Thus, as a premise to be able to offer modern and efficient services, we developed our SelettraVotiv software which was purposefully designed and created to manage cemetery services.

We have developed a proposal which involves:

  • modernization of the installations aimed at energy saving and normative adjustment;
  • installation of modern cleaning systems, care for existing flora and waste disposal systems;
  • use of modern instruments and managerial techniques;
  • certificated quality of services and guarantee of optimal results.

The solutions we adopted led us to obtain first optimal results and now we can offer the best solution for each municipality.

Solutions and services we offer

  • Reception and safekeeping services
  • Information point for customers
  • Burials and sepulture services
  • Surveillance of mortuaries and funeral parlors
  • Maintenance of buildings and passageways
  • Installation of gravestones and ornamental accessories
  • Cleaning of gravestones and surrounding areas
  • Cleaning of tombs/ossuaries
  • Cleaning of passageways and bathroom facilities
  • Care and maintenance of existing flora
  • Floral decorations services
  • Environmental sanitation and sanitary renovation
  • Maintenance of installations, electric and hydro-sanitary systems
  • Internal service of differentiated collection of waste

Management services

  • Front-office management
  • Management of concession contracts
  • Management of votive lights
  • Survey and registration of burials
  • Supply and management of the SelettraVotiv computerized system
  • Keeping of cemetery records


  • Cemetery enlargement
  • New installations
  • Installation of urban furniture

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