Street lighting

Selettra carries out and manages artistic and street lighting installations. Moreover, it carries out and manages systems for traffic regulation, access control, video-surveillance, network automation and control. It currently operates in 12 municipalities in the Basilicata region where it has been granted the management of more than 30.000 points of light and it has also collaborated with various municipalities in Calabria, Apulia and Campania for which it lit up public and artistic spaces applying innovative ideas for modernization and energy efficiency. With more than 10 years of experience, Selettra is currently the leader in the management of street lighting installations in Basilicata.

Integrated management of street lighting installations
Selettra offers the Municipalities the advantage of integrated management service (Global Service type) with certificated quality based on a technological innovation, high professionalism, constant research for efficiency and a guarantee of maximum results.
Acting an E.S.Co., Selettra can carry out modernization projects and manage the installations by means of the Third Party Funding, thus permitting the entities to benefit from interventions without any expenses or financial resources (link).
The adopted model of integrated management aims at guaranteeing high quality standards while providing street lighting services and warranting correct operation of the installations due to:

  • reduction of out-of-order luminous sources
  • quick intervention in case of malfunction or emergency
  • maintaining perfect condition and functional efficiency of the installations
  • computerized management procedures through a dedicated software
  • multi-channel assistance using direct and indirect means of communication with the company’s service structure.

Street lighting services
Surveying and computerized cataloguing of the installations
Development of digital mapping
Preliminary project for the adoption of the Lighting Regulatory Plan
Final design, execution and management
Scheduled switching on/off of the installations
Scheduled management of luminous flux intensity
Scheduled tests on the installations components
Scheduled replacement of luminous sources
Emergency service
Ordinary and call-on maintenance
Power supply/Managerial expertise
Environmental management of waste
Customers service
License to use the SGS – Selettra’s managerial Software for street lighting best odds.

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