E.S.Co. model

Selettra, among the first Italian companies qualified as an E.S.Co. by  AEEG (Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica e il Gas), in 2013 obtained ISO 50001:2011 certificate and the UNI CEI 11352 certificate "Energy management – Companies supplying energy services", two norms that set quality standards and requirements for the offered services and organizational, diagnostic, planning, managerial, economic and financial requirements a company is in possession of to be able to offer integrated energy services to its clients.
Experience, professionalism and acquired capacities make it possible for Selettra to promote solutions and integrated energy services to all the Public Administrations and private companies.

Zero cost efficiency
E.S.Co. and TPF  – Third Party Funding models
Thanks to technological innovations and energy policy applied at community and national levels, the efficiency level of energy final use can be considerably increased.
However, the main problem which blocks energy requalification projects is the lack of financial resources. In the recent years of economic crisis it has become more and more difficult to find capitals, and it is particularly true in the civil sector in which, above all, Public Administrations face insuperable obstacles that prevent them from starting interventions and investments.
An instrument whose aim is to overcome these obstacles are E.S.Cos. – the acronym for “Energy Service Company” – that is to say, energy services companies whose know-how, technologies and capitals are specifically dedicated to energy efficiency investment projects.
The E.S.Cos can carry out modernization interventions on installations (both those that generate and use energy) using their own capitals or, as happens in most cases, by using resources brought forward by banks (the “third subject” in the so called TPF – Third Party Funding). The investment costs, along with financial charges and company profits, will be retrieved by the E.S.Co. through energy saving (energy-bill reduction) and management costs during the duration of the contract.
On the other hand, the customers – let it be a public entity or a private company – will be able to benefit from requalification and modernization activities without any expenses. Moreover, they will not run the financial and “industrial” risk of the project performance and success (the risk is all of the E.S.Co. which acts as “the holder of organizational, diagnostic, project, managerial, economic and financial capacities”).
The TPF is one of the most advanced and fruitful financial tools for the execution of energy efficiency interventions, whose application is strongly wished for by different international organisms.
When the conditions for its application are favourable, while the costs necessary to use the services are the same, it offers undisputed advantages for all the project participants and, thus, for the whole community.
In particular, it benefits the Customers who develop investment projects without employing any financial resources, it benefits the community which takes advantage of the modern installations and better quality of management and maintenance services, it benefits the E.S.Co. because it develops the company activity.
The advantages that can be obtained by a municipal administration using the TPF mechanism for the lighting systems management are the following:

  • Interventions can be carried out even if the customers have no their financial resources or it is difficult to find resources through traditional methods (mortgage, leasing, ecc.)
  • No financial or industrial risk: in case of an intervention not in line with technical-economic-financial forecasts, the E.S.Co. will take the whole responsibility.
  • The citizens can immediately take advantage of the improvement interventions on street furniture, light quality, normative adjustment and security measures applied to the installations.
  • It transfers problems regarding the management and maintenance of the installations to third parties, but it offers the citizens an efficient management service which minimizes malfunctions and guarantees immediate interventions in case of failures or emergencies.
  • It uses the resources for other tasks and objectives.
  • It obtains important environmental benefits by reducing the emission of dangerous gases, according to the national and community normative indications.
  • It takes advantage of the saving (bill reduction) when the contract expires.


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