Mission and Vision

Saving, performance, quality services, nature-friendliness 
Selettra offers its clients, both public and private, thorough technological and financial knowledge, proposing innovative solutions and strategies which can reduce energy costs respecting the principles of cheapness and competitiveness, and the environment.
To reduce energy consumption in order to free economic resources and generate new investments, creating a virtuous circle in which saving generates new jobs thus giving remarkable advantages to the community in terms of services quality and efficiency and improvement of environmental sustainability of the activities.

Knowledge means awareness and understanding of facts, truth and information obtained through experience and learning. In the context we operate in, it is fundamental to deepen our knowledge and acquire new competences in order to obtain satisfying results. To learn how to produce and use energy in a different way, to try new daily habits which respect the environment we live in, making a collective effort for continuous formation and technological innovation.
Since we do realize we operate in constantly and profoundly evolving contexts, we intend to reach our objectives by means of constant investment in research of new and better technologies, thus becoming competitive on international markets.
We treat each project with passion and devotion and follow our clients’ specific needs with equal attention, and we constantly try to combine reciprocal satisfaction with the interest for the community and the territory we operate in.

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