Welcome to Selettra S.r.l.

Selettra is a company from the South of Italy and it is active in the Italian and international markets. A young but already rich in experience company, represented by an executive team with a strong trade and craft tradition handed down from generation to generation. It works in the field of international trading, offers electrical and electronic solutions, and designs and builds plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. It also provides integrated services aimed at energy saving (as an ESCo). It can provide competitive products, adequate to meet construction, quality and competitiveness standards.

  • AppInfo.City
  • Accendi la luce che risparmia
  • SkyLit
  • Un contributo per l'efficienza energetica

It is an App that will allow the Municipality to start or continue its journey to a more intelligent city, or the Smart City, informing its citizens in real time about what is happening in the city.
The goal is to create a direct link between public institutions and citizens.
With the AppInfo.City project, the City Administration will be able to report any public service malfunctions, natural disasters or major events. The user through a simple registration, will have easy access to the service and will be able to be notified via push notification or sms. The app is available for free on Google Play and App Store

A unique project in Italy, an exclusive product and service, one of the most innovative and singular in the European market: "Turn on the light that saves".
Dedicated to Public Administrations, Municipalities of Italy, easy to implement, but at the same time with great social, environmental and economic return; a virtuous, but "frugal" project, traced in the line of the "spending review", designed with the aim of reducing costs and improving the quality of services for Italian citizens.

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A modular system for street furniture. SkyLit® was inspired by nature: the sky designed by a photovoltaic module having the form of a celestial vault, a cloud crossing it is the circular system of rotation and the light source is the Sun. Sky-Lit® offers different systems suitable for street solutions and for strictly pedestrian, vehicle-free zones. It is an innovative system of photovoltaic powered lighting; the technology applied in the system and its design make it the most advanced and modern photovoltaic street lamp.

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A project dedicated to energy, to sustainable development and new technologies. Selettra in collaboration Fiorentino Consulenze Srl, both E.S.Co. companies accredited by AEEG, encourage public entities to carry out energy efficiency projects financing the interventions with ESC – Energy Saving Certificates. Modernization of street lighting systems, new frames, thermal insulation, heat pumps, solar thermal collectors, electric water heaters, high performance boilers and other kinds of systems are interventions that nowadays can be totally or partly recompensed using the national encouragement system of ESC.

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